Flexible class schedules, encouraging atmosphere and a sense of community.


3,000 square foot custom-designed facility. Personalized consultations and training fit for you and your body.


Kids’ classes (ages 7-10 and 11-14) are held on Saturdays at 11 a.m. These innovative workouts are held in BILD’s safe, fun atmosphere.

Unlock your full potential With bild

Unlock your full potential

A Boutique Fitness Experience in Naples, Florida

BILD takes a functional, progressive approach to physical and mental fitness. We focus on improving your functional life so you can live your life in full motion. Our highly efficient workouts trigger physical changes by using progressive overload, strength training and conditioning techniques based on the FITT model. Our 55-minute full-body strength conditioning workouts target every muscle group, integrating all 9 aspects of fitness. We feature a dynamic recovery phase to prevent injuries, reduce soreness, and improve mobility.

Your journey tO THE BEST YOU:

Progressive overload-based workouts involve gradually increasing the demands placed on the body over time. By increasing resting metabolic rates and continually challenging muscles with progressively heavier weights, more repetitions or longer durations, the body is forced to adapt and become stronger.

This approach to training has proven to be effective in pushing past the plateau stage, promoting muscle growth, improving strength and power and enhancing overall fitness levels. Over time, progressive overload-based workouts help individuals achieve their fitness goals and maximize their results.

Don’t settle for less-effective gym routines. Embrace the science of progressive overload and join the future of fitness with Bild by Coach O. Reserve your spot in our group session and experience personalized training’s transformative power, supported by our community. Let’s unlock your ultimate strength together and redefine your fitness journey!

BILD Studio Amenities

Our 3,000 square foot facility offers a complete fitness experience utilizing nine aspects of fitness: cardiovascular and muscle endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination and balance.


Personalized Group Fitness

Prior to participating in the group session, the trainer will have knowledge of each client’s training ability, needs and injuries


Personal Training

Clients are offered one-on-one training sessions for heightened specialization


Fitness Consultation/Assessment

Each client will receive a complete nutritional and physical assessment. This information helps our trainers provide each client with their specific training targets and basic nutritional need


InBody Technology

Trainers will utilize the InBody scale to gather detailed information about each client’s body composition


Kid Fitness/Agility Classes

We’re all about getting kids started with living a fit lifestyle and encouraging it in a fun way! Kids’ classes (ages 7-10 and 11-14) are held on Saturdays at 11 a.m. These innovative workouts are held in BILD’s safe, fun atmosphere.

Additional offerings include:

  • Two bathrooms

  • Two full showers

  • Lockers equipped with cell phone chargers

  • In-studio water refill station

  • Air purifier for the health of our clients and staff


Coach O and the BILD team provide positive, motivating forces inspiring people to achieve their fitness, health and life aspirations.

  • Degrees in Exercise Science

  • Certified Coaches

  • Certified personal trainer since 2009, The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Certified Correctional Exercise Specialist (CES)

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES)

  • National Physique Committee (NPC) Tri-State Novice Bodybuilding Championship Overall Winner

  • United States Army Veteran (Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Storm)

  • Winning member, United States Army Powerlifting Team

Coach O


“At BILD, we incorporate a powerful methodology combining strength training and conditioning to create a proven, effective training experience different from any other in Naples.”

book a class

book a class


Keep it simple

Use our personalized BILD By Coach O app to book your classes easily.

Everything you want to know

Everything you want to know

Bild by Coach O is a strength training, cardiovascular conditioning group fitness program. The program focuses on nine (9) aspects of fitness: cardiorespiratory and muscle endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, and balance. It is best described as personal training but in a group setting.

Arriving fifteen (15) minutes before class is optimal, especially if you have any injuries or concerns, or if it’s your first class. This allows time to check out the workout room, review the workout, and discuss exercise options for injury concerns with the coach.

It is advisable to wear a good cross-training shoe to class, with a water bottle, lifting gloves and of course at the request of the workout creator, bring your protein for post-workout.

We recommend starting with the regular class unless you have particular injuries, you’re uncomfortable in a group setting, you prefer one-on-one training or you require more assistance than can be given during the session.

Simply put, the Principle of Overload states exercises must become increasingly challenging over time to continue to achieve results.

Frequency: Increased weekly training schedule and/or repetitions performed

Intensity: Increased difficulty and/or effort of exercises performed

Time: Increased training duration

Type: Various exercises performed, specific to individual goals

Yes! However, we do request obtaining clearance from your physician prior to attending your session

We have a 30-day cancellation policy. This means the membership will be canceled 30 days from the receipt of the cancellation request. Please note, an additional payment might be required to fulfill the 30 days.

Because of the pre-workout warm-up and the detailed class instructions, we will NOT allow anyone to enter the workout five minutes after the start of the session

No! Our workouts are designed to benefit all fitness levels, from professionals to recreational fitness enthusiasts.

We do not have an exchange policy. However, we do have a three (3) day return policy. Memberships are cancellable within three (3) days of joining Bild by Coach O.

Begin your journey

Begin your journey